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The national police are against the idea of ​​law enforcement officers issuing subpoenas: Vyhovsky explained the reason

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This information was reported by the Lawyer of Rights TG, reports URA-Inform.  

The head of the National Police of Ukraine, Ivan Vyhovsky, said that he does not support the proposal to give the police the authority to issue subpoenas independently, without the military. He noted that the police have a lot of their own functionality, and they already help with mobilization as much as possible.

«We believe that everyone should do their job. We already pick up different points. Why? Because the police are the largest law enforcement agency, that’s why we lend a shoulder to other law enforcement agencies, and if we don’t do this, then some important areas of work will simply fall away», — Vygovsky noted.

The head of the National Police also said that law enforcement officers are now documenting hundreds of criminal offenses among representatives of the TCC and SP, where they receive undue benefits, and thus people do not go to serve.

«It turns out that on the one hand we will document, and on the other hand we will also hand out subpoenas? Therefore, I believe that we have enough work. We are already helping as much as possible with mobilization, identifying the locations of draft dodgers», — he summarized.

 Recall that it was previously reported whose salaries would be blocked for failure to appear at the TCC: the economist warned who was in danger.

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