• 22/02/2024 16:33

Putin admitted who his real enemy is in Ukraine: the dictator said who he is waging war against

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Donpress reported this information, reports URA-Inform.

< p>He noted that hostility is manifested by those who seek to destroy Russian statehood, especially in the West. Putin emphasized that not everyone in the West is an enemy, arguing that there are people who sympathize with Russia.

However, he singled out the so-called «elites», who, according to him, believe the existence of Russia in its current state and size is unacceptable.

The main war criminal of Russia also declared his desire to end the war in Ukraine, but with the conditions imposed by Russia. He emphasized that the aggressor is not going to give up his positions and insists on conducting the war according to his own rules.

Let us recall when Kyiv sits down at the negotiating table with the Russian Federation: Zelensky named a condition.

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