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Zelensky in his New Year's address threatened the Russian Federation with hell: details of the president's statement

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This information was reported by Dialog.UA, URA-Inform reports.

During the congratulations, which lasted a little more than 20 minutes, the head of state emphasized the importance of the creation of Ukrainian drones, shells, weapons and military equipment. He recalled that exactly 676 days ago the enemy invaded Ukraine, hoping for its rapid fall.

However, according to him, today, in 2024, the country has not only passed the test, but also continues its path, overcoming difficulties. Zelensky expressed deep gratitude to the Ukrainian military, who are fighting for every settlement, for every house and street in the fight against the enemy.

He also called for remembering doctors, rescuers, firefighters and teachers, as well as the regions such as Crimea, Donbass, Mariupol, Berdyansk and others.

The President emphasized Ukraine’s successes on the diplomatic front in 2023, noting the start of the negotiation process for the country’s accession to the European Union and recalling the «peace formula&# 187; and the grain corridor.

Zelensky also highlighted the importance of support from the West, thanks to which the Ukrainian military has gained access to modern weapons such as Patriot, IRIS, Himars, Nasams, Abrams, Leopard, and Ukrainian pilots are already mastering F -16. In conclusion, the President stated:

«He who brings hell to our earth will one day see it in his own window»

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