• 21/02/2024 03:13

You will lose everything – an officer of the Armed Forces of Ukraine warned that he is waiting for those who “mow” from the army

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This information was reported by the All-Seeing Eye telegram channel, reports URA-Inform.< /p>

First of all, he warned those who plan to evade service that not everyone will be able to go to Europe, and the reception there may not be as favorable as in 2022.

In -Secondly, Kovalenko emphasized the importance of using the current time to acquire military skills, such as flying unmanned aerial vehicles, training in medical skills, shooting, and preparing for mobilization.

“Those who are already serving in the army have a better chance of saving their lives and surviving. Otherwise, you will lose everything,” — he said.

Kovalenko also expressed serious concerns about the outcome of the war, emphasizing that this carries risks for everyone. He emphasized the need for active action by those who believe that “we’ll definitely finish everything in 2024,” and recalled that the war could continue in 2025.

In his professional analysis, Kovalenko emphasized the need for the production of at least 2 million 200 thousand FPV drones annually to meet the needs in the military sphere.

Let us recall the correct approach to mobilization: the former Minister of Economy explained how it should be carried out.

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