• 21/02/2024 09:18

Headed to fight for Ukraine: a Czech was stopped on the Polish-Ukrainian border

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This information was reported by the Silesian Border Department in Poland, reports URA-Inform.  

On Thursday, January 11, officers of the Silesian Border Service received information from the Czech side that on January 10, a 15-year-old resident of Ostrava left home, but never made it to school.

Concerned parents informed law enforcement officers, providing a description of the boy. Polish police established that his phone was authorized in Poland, in Przemysl.

During further actions, it turned out that the 15-year-old boy took his passport from home because he wanted to get to Ukraine to support the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the fight against Russian aggressor. It turned out that the guy had already crossed the Polish-Ukrainian border.

According to the Silesian Border Department in Poland, the 15-year-old Czech citizen was returned to Polish territory. At the moment he is going home.

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