• 24/02/2024 17:52

What Ukraine will do after the re-election of the US President: Kuleba presented a plan

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This information was reported by RBC-Ukraine, reports URA-Inform.

«I am more concerned not about the specific name of the future US president, but rather about the state of American society and the political situation in the country in the days after the elections. Our country is ready to interact with any future president, no matter what his or her name is, because we are confident that the United States will not change its strategy towards Ukraine», — Kuleba emphasized.

He noted that with a possible change of president in the United States, attempts may arise to adjust the policy towards Ukraine. However, he expressed confidence that Ukraine will not lose support, since this is in the interests of the United States itself.

Kuleba said that the usual democratic bureaucracy is currently taking place in Congress, requiring negotiations to make decisions . He expressed confidence that the commitment to democracy will ultimately prevail.

Note that today the primaries have begun in the United States, in which Republicans and Democrats will choose a candidate to participate in the upcoming presidential election.

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