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The names of the IL-76 crew members have been announced: the media presented the exact list (photo)

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Experts of the Schemes project reported this information, reports URA-Inform.

The media received a preliminary list of crew members who were supposed to be present on board the Il-76. Social networks were filled with confirmation of the death of Russian citizens.

The deaths of three of the six Russians who were probably on board are truly known. Among the dead are 36-year-old ship commander Stanislav Bezzubkin, ship navigator Alexey Vysokin and 38-year-old flight engineer Andrey Piluev.

Stanislav Bezzubkin’s wife, Marika, confirmed the information about the death of her husband, having received a message from the Russian Ministry of Defense. According to her, the last time she communicated with the man was around 7:30 a.m. Moscow time, when he was supposed to fly out of Moscow.

Andrei Piluev’s wife said that she was aware of her husband’s death, but she did not receive official information not yet provided. Data from open sources clarify that Piluev was awarded the medal «For the return of Crimea» and was a participant in the fighting in Syria.

Concerning the death of navigator Alexei Vysokin, the information was confirmed by his cousin, who learned about it from his parents.

Condolences also appeared on social networks regarding another Il-76 crew member — on-board radio operator Igor Sablinsky.

Airborne equipment flight engineer Sergei Zhitenev was supposed to service the flight, but his death has not yet been independently confirmed.

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