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Certificates of persons liable for military service will be introduced in Ukraine: Arakhamia explained why this is necessary

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This information was reported by LB.ua, reports URA-Inform.  

Ukraine plans to introduce certificates for those liable for military service. According to the head of the «Servant of the People» David Arakhamia needs this so that the state understands what kind of mobilization resource it has.

He noted that Ukrainian citizens aged 27 to 60 years will have these certificates, and a new document will appear as part of the mobilization process.

During mobilization, according to Arakhamia, Ukrainians need to take everything into account. Including skills, education, what a person did in civilian life. And this is where certificates of those liable for military service come in handy.

The head of the faction «Servant of the People» believes that the new mobilization model will work in just four months.

«We are now working with the Ministry of Defense so that the campaign will be normal», — summed up David Arakhamia.

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