• 22/02/2024 17:07

Putin gave a new signal to Ukraine regarding the negotiations: the head of the Russian Federation said that Kyiv should cancel

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This information was reported by the All-Seeing Eye telegram channel, citing Putin’s interview with US journalist Carl Tuckerson , reports URA-Inform.

“Russia has never expressed refusal to begin the negotiation process with Ukraine. Let her cancel her own decree and enter into negotiations,” — stated the President of Russia.

However, it is unknown what kind of decree we are talking about. Perhaps we are talking about the decision of the head of the Ukrainian state Vladimir Zelensky to prohibit any negotiations with the aggressor in the person of Russia until the borders are fully restored to the state of 1991.

However, despite the fact that both sides are talking about the end war, both Kyiv and Moscow see completely different solutions. Therefore, unfortunately, the bloodshed continues, despite the sincere desires of many to end the war.

As previously reported, a man in Ukraine nevertheless tried to cross the Tisa: the media found out how it all ended.

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