• 21/07/2024 16:13

Putin still had a conversation with Zelensky: the dictator asked the president only 1 question

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This information was reported by Russian media, reports URA-Inform.

“I asked, Volodya, what are you doing? Why are you supporting neo-Nazis in Ukraine today, while your grandfather fought against fascism? He’s a front-line soldier,” — Putin said.

Next, Carlson decided to ask a question about what kind of dialogue took place between the leaders of states, and what Zelensky responded to the above. Nevertheless, Putin decided to speak quite succinctly:

“This is a separate topic. I think it’s incorrect to talk about this.”

Thus, unfortunately, it is unknown how the conversation ended, and in general, at what point it took place.

As previously reported , negotiations between Ukraine and the Russian Federation were almost reached in 2022: Putin admitted what happened then.

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