• 25/02/2024 16:51

A spot 15 times wider than the Earth was discovered on the Sun: scientists warned what this means for humanity

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This information was reported by the Spaceweather resource, reports URA-Inform.

Recent images taken by NASA's Perseverance rover showed a group of nearly merging sunspots stretching over 200,000 km and containing four dark cores, each larger than Earth.

This is sunspot AR3576 , in its entirety, turns out to be 15 times wider than our planet and is currently facing us. Spots on the Sun are formed due to the characteristics of its magnetic field and represent colder and darker regions of a space object.

Such spots play an important role in space «weather» for the planets of the Solar System, provoking flares of radiation and emissions of certain substances from the Sun. According to the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, AR3576 could cause powerful X-class solar flares.

Scientists warn that AR3576's Earth-facing spot could cause aurora, disrupt radio communications and affect electronic technology on Earth. In addition, this sunspot can be a source of strong geomagnetic storms.

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