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When will the winter offensive of the Russian Armed Forces end: a representative of the Armed Forces of Ukraine announced the dates

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Evlash reported this information in an interview with Radio NV, reports URA-Inform.

He notes that «time «H» approaching when «a new detachment, with our experience and weapons, will enter the battle».

«We are confident that the enemy will feel this the hard way», — he adds. Evlash notes that the enemy is using “Hurricanes” less and less, and the presence of “Tornadoes” is becoming a rarity rather than a common occurrence. They are suffering from a lack of ammunition. They can't find enough staff. They are trying to plug the gaps by transferring reserves from one point to another, they are even trying to acquire weapons and ammunition from North Korea and Iran. But the situation is actually quite complicated», — he emphasizes.

Yevlash believes that Western sanctions against Russia continue to have an impact, and the main task for the Russians is to maintain a high pace and intensity of action until the “so-called elections in Russia” to demonstrate “our strength and support for Putin.” 187; for the domestic consumer.

However, he also recognizes that the situation in the Avdiivka direction remains difficult, and the enemy will seek pressure everywhere to demonstrate his successes.

«Most likely, these trends will begin to fade, since information has already appeared about a revision of the enemy’s defense orders,” — Yevlash said next.

According to him, due to the sanctions, they are not able to produce a sufficient number of Kalibr, «Dagger» missiles. and other high-tech, expensive weapons, so they are switching to local weapons.

Recall that in Vinnitsa women held a rally for the mobilization of draft dodgers (video).

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