• 13/04/2024 15:09

A drink has been named that harms the liver more than vodka: a specialist talks about the consequences

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This information was reported by Dailynews, reports URA-Inform.

Alcohol compounds have a detrimental effect on the cells of the liver and other internal organs. However, according to Candidate of Medical Sciences Anatoly Pechinka,  there is another drink that causes more harm to the liver than alcohol.

The specialist noted that the most destructive to the liver is the consumption of energy drinks with a high caffeine content.

«Such drinks cause depletion of energy reserves in the cells of organs and tissues, irritate the digestive organs, and squeeze all possible energy out of the body. Energy drinks have a more aggressive effect on internal organs than strong vodka», — states the candidate of medical sciences.

Lovers of such drinks are at risk not only of liver disease, but also of problems with the cardiovascular system and digestion.

«Low-alcohol drinks contain a large amount of sugar, contain flavorings, synthetic food colors, taste stabilizers, and alcohol surrogates can often be found there. Such an explosive mixture slowly but surely poisons the liver, which is forced to break down alcohol and remove it from the body», — the doctor explained.

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