• 16/06/2024 02:47

A mutant calf with a “human head” was born in a Thai village (photo)

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This information was reported by the Daily Star, reports URA-Inform.  

An unusual calf with a «human head» was born in a small village in Thailand, causing amazement and discord in the local community. The strange creature has a head about the same shape and size as a child's, front limbs similar to human hands, and skin a pale pink color.

A strange-looking calf was born on a farm, but did not live long. However, people have spread rumors about an interesting tryst between man and animal

Despite scientific explanations from scientists who have emphasized that differences in the DNA of humans and bulls make such crossing impossible, some locals insist about the possibility of a unique «union» between man and animal.

Farmers and villagers had a real debate, expressing their theories and assumptions. Some insist that the calf is half-human, while others throw up their hands in disbelief and argue that this is just another horrifying story that has led to unnecessary speculation.

Recall that it was previously reported that the mystery of the unusual “snake” has been revealed another worm” in Alaska : who he turned out to be (photo).

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