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A new subject may appear in Ukrainian schools: what are the authorities up to?

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Plans to improve the system of initial combined arms training in Ukraine have caused a wave of discussions.

People's Deputy Roman Grischuk reported this information on his Facebook, reports URA-Inform.

The initiative is aimed at making changes to the academic subject «Defense of Ukraine», which is currently included in school curricula.

The proposal to reform the training system, expressed by the MP, is accompanied by a corresponding bill. Grischuk emphasized the importance of the subject «Defense of Ukraine» in the context of modern challenges and the value of the knowledge, skills and worldview that this subject provides.

The main purpose of the bill is to harmonize existing laws regarding the definition of the training system carried out through the study of the subject «Defense of Ukraine» . Currently, there are two different concepts that describe this system: pre-conscription and initial combined arms training. However, these concepts contradict each other, which contributes to disagreements and uncertainty.

The proposed changes are aimed at eliminating such conflicts, which will ultimately make it possible to more accurately define the scope and goals of training within the subject «Defense of Ukraine& #187;. This will also open up opportunities for a more flexible approach to training, including the participation of women in this process and the updating of by-laws.

Recall that another signal was sent to Putin: it became known who decided to form the division.

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