• 25/04/2024 00:58

A portal to a parallel dimension has been found: scientists report an exciting discovery (photo)

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Astrophysicists from the British Durham University said they have found a portal that leads to a parallel dimension.

This information was reported by Bright Side, reports URA-Inform.  

This mysterious object, known as a cold spot, has been closely studied by researchers who suggest that it may have arisen at the birth of the universe after the Big Bang.

«At first we thought it was just emptiness, but its size is too large for that… Apparently, the anomalous zone was formed as a result of the collision of our and parallel universes less than a second after the Big Bang. The cold spot is probably a trace of this collision, a kind of imprint in space and time, like a bruise after a blow», — they said.

This discovery potentially confirms hypotheses about the existence of parallel Universes, or worlds, which, according to scientists, may exist in parallel with ours, but have completely different properties from ours. It is worth noting that some of these theories are supported by serious physical and mathematical calculations.

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