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A private army is being created in the Russian Federation again: the media found out what the Rottenbergs were up to

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In the near future, billionaires Arkady and Boris Rotenberg, close to Vladimir Putin, announced their intention to create their own private army, based on private military companies from among football fans.

Dialogue.UA reported this information, reports “URA-Inform”.

It is noted that the oligarchs controlled by Putin are clearly ignoring the Constitution of the Russian Federation, initiating the formation of their own military units on the basis of illegal PMCs. These companies, under the control of Russian tycoons, gain experience in military operations on the territory of Ukraine and periodically expand their operations in African countries. However, they may soon be used on home soil.

There is a possibility that experienced football «fans» will become key participants in the division of spheres of influence within Russia.

According to «Important Stories», citing three sources, the Rotenberg brothers are actively preparing to create their own army. The first step has already been taken: Victor Shendrik, head of the security service of Russian Railways and associated with billionaires, runs the PMC «Espaniola» — a group of Russian football fans participating in hostilities in Ukraine.

According to the source, «Espaniola» was initially formed from fans who mainly supported Spartak, but then the Rotenbergs joined the project in order to subordinate the PMC to their interests. This is just one of many cases when large companies create their own armed forces.

Recall that in Ukraine they learned how to make Western equipment: it became known what we were talking about.

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