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Aid to Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan: Johnson introduced separate bills

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On Monday, April 15, Speaker of the US House of Representatives Mike Johnson presented 4 separate draft laws that provide for assistance to Ukraine , Israel, Taiwan, as well as on other national security priorities.

This information was reported by The Hill, reports URA-Inform.  

Johnson reportedly put forward his proposal during a closed House GOP meeting. This comes after months of delaying any action on the topic.

The plan, according to two Republicans who attended the meeting, is to place the four bills under one procedural rule that will allow for the amendment process.

The fourth bill, related to national security, according to one of the GOP legislators, would provide:

— TikTok ban;

— a provision that allows the US to use confiscated Russian assets to help Ukraine;

— Lend-Lease law for military assistance;

— convertible loans to facilitate the provision of humanitarian assistance.

At the same time, writes The Hill, Johnson's corresponding plan does not include any provisions on the border with Mexico. That could spark resentment among conservatives, who say any aid to Ukraine should be accompanied by legislation to address the problem, said GOP Rep. Kevin Hurn.

«Not now», — Hearn told reporters when asked whether Johnson's plan included border security.

We recall that it was previously reported that the Russian Armed Forces gave a new order for May 9: Syrsky warned what the invaders were preparing.

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