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An assassination attempt was made on Putin: Yusov said that the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Moscow Region already knows

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This information was reported by the above-mentioned press, reports URA-Inform.

Yusov, speaking on this topic, noted that in the history of the Russian Empire there were many cases when the main threat to the dictator came precisely from his entourage, which is typical for dictatorial regimes.

He emphasized that in a dictatorship like this , as in Russia, the script from «Autumn of the Patriarch» is relevant, and it is important to consider that history knows many examples of similar situations. Yusov also noted that Putin may not have a deep knowledge of history, but he investigated cases when the environment became a source of threat for the dictator.

Speaking about possible attempts on Putin's life, Yusov emphasized that such situations took place in history, even after a full-scale invasion, and often they were of an internal Russian nature.

He called for caution in assessing the number of such events, since such comments could be used in the interests of Putin and his circle. At the same time, Yusov assured that as soon as there is available effective data on such attempts, they will be transferred to the public.

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