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Another European country began to speak out against Ukrainians: a politician distinguished himself with a statement

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It became known that not only the Polish state began to be skeptical about the citizens of Ukraine, but also another country demonstrates an alarming trend.

This information was reported by politician Gerd Wilders on his Twitter, reports URA-Inform.

It is noted that in the Netherlands, a far-right politician expressed his concerns about the arrival of refugees from Ukraine, calling his country «idiotic» for accepting too many Ukrainians.

Wilders expressed his concern about the flow of Ukrainian migrants to the Netherlands, accusing them not of fleeing war, but of seeking free housing, medical care and work at state expense.

«The Netherlands is again becoming a victim of its own hospitality in Europe», he emphasized in his statement.

In addition, Wilders expressed opposition to continued military support for Ukraine, stating that The Netherlands must leave its forces to defend its territory.

It is known that the «Freedom Party&#187 ; under the leadership of Wilders, she won the parliamentary elections in November 2023. However, she was faced with the problem of finding potential allies for a coalition and forming a government.

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