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Arakhamia proposes to disclose data on Ukraine’s losses in the war: the reason has been announced

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This information was reported by Comments, reports URA-Inform.  

During the panel discussion «2024: scenarios for the country» the official noted that Ukraine lost less than 100 thousand people in the Russian-Ukrainian war.

«When you walk down the street and ask people about losses, I have never heard less than 100 thousand. And our losses are much less», — assured Arakhamia.

Therefore, according to Arakhamia, it is advisable to declassify data on Ukrainian losses. The politician believes that realizing Ukraine's real losses will demonstrate that they «are not as great as they imagine» and will help improve the mobilization process in Ukraine.

According to him, the «wave» The mobilization of Ukrainians was at the beginning of a full-scale invasion, when enemy troops were already standing near the capital. And when the war was moved to a place where it was “10 hours by car”, the attitude of the people of Kiev to this changed.

« This is the biggest challenge the country faces now. It is impossible not to mobilize, we all understand this. Because then we will go back a year and a half ago, when they are near Kiev, and then we will all be ready to mobilize again, but it may just be too late», — said the parliamentarian.

We recall that it was previously reported that they were forced to their knees and shot: the occupiers executed Ukrainian fighters in the Donbass.

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