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Arestovich told how not to be afraid of military commissars: “They can’t just call anyone up” (video)

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Ex-adviser of the OPU Alexey Arestovich surprised with a new statement.

Arestovich reported this information to TG, URA-Inform reports.  

The scandalous politician said that allegedly,they can’t just call anyone to the front without a «decision from there».

«How can they not be afraid of the military registration and enlistment office if you don’t know what will happen there? Very simple. They can’t just draft anyone into the army without a decision from there, you understand perfectly well. If you are called, it will not be the military registration and enlistment office that will call you, but the Lord God. Ask yourself why, what does he want to teach you,” he wrote.

Arestovich further added that there are blows and twists of fate that are very difficult to perceive. But if this happens, it is worth remembering, he believes, that nothing could have happened without God. He «implies something, wants to teach you something».

«And secondly, with everything In the fear of a great war, being drafted into the military registration and enlistment office and even joining the army does not mean death at all. Yes, the risks increase sharply, but even this does not mean death. There is no need to die alive in advance, try to live,” Arestovich summed up.


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Recall that it was previously reported that there will be general mobilization: there will be electronic agendas, but not for everyone.

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