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Because of TCC raids, a mother and child were beaten: it became known about the incident in western Ukraine

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This information was reported by the telegram channel “Country Politics”, reports “URA-Inform”.< /p>

According to the victim, she was falsely accused of allegedly being an «accomplice of the military commissar», who came to «betray their husbands». The crowd, looking for alleged “accomplices,” blocked the road and demanded that those passing by show their phones.

The woman was allowed into the village, but a fight broke out on the way back. One of the aggressors stuck a bat into the car window and hit the child on the head, while the other held the woman by the hair, preventing her from resisting.

At some point, one of the witnesses shouted that they had the wrong car , and the crowd switched to another car, after which the victim was able to get out of this terrible situation.

The police confirmed the fact of an unauthorized road block and a conflict with three victims, including a child, and noted that the reason was the dissemination of false information in social networks.

Recall that the TCC has already addressed 17-year-old schoolchildren: the military man said what the young men should do.

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