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Decisive time: Zelensky said that surviving this year means surviving the entire war

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Zelensky announced this information in an address, URA-Inform reports.  

Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky said that the current year is very important for the defense of our state. He said that surviving 2024 means surviving this entire war.

«The main priority of our state — invariably — give everything necessary to protect Ukraine and for our active actions. Ammunition. Drones. Technique. Personnel. Endure this year — means to endure this entire war. Important time. Decisive in many ways. Thanks to everyone who realizes this. Who helps the state become stronger, and our soldiers — have the ability to destroy the enemy», — Zelensky noted.

The president also noted that the Ukrainian government is working with all partners to ensure that our state receives a “sufficient volume of defense packages” this month. He noted that Germany has already taken another defensive step for Ukraine.

«These are missiles for air defense, this is 155 caliber artillery, as well as others necessary things. Thank you! A very timely package. We expect such steps from our other partners, in particular the United States. So that this winter, like last, Russian terror cannot win anything», — said the head of the Ukrainian state.

We recall that it was previously reported that Zelensky held negotiations with Erdogan: as stated by the Turkish President.

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