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For vascular and heart health: experts said what a tasty product you should eat

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Medicalanswers reported this information, reports URA-Inform.  

Experts have received confirmation of the beneficial effects of chocolate on the cardiovascular system. This product has the ability to expand the walls of blood vessels and helps normalize blood pressure, scientists state.

Portuguese researchers conducted an experiment with the participation of 30 healthy young people aged 18 to 27 years. They were divided into two groups, and participants in each received chocolate every day for 30 days. In the first, people ate 20 grams of chocolate with a cocoa bean concentration of about 55%, in the second — 20 grams of a product with a cocoa content of 90%.

As a result, all participants showed positive changes in blood vessels, but they were especially significant in those who ate chocolate with a high percentage of cocoa. After a month of consumption, they recorded a significant decrease in systolic pressure and an improvement in the elasticity of the arteries.

Scientists explain that the health-improving effect of chocolate on the heart and blood vessels is provided by flavonoid substances. To stabilize blood pressure, they recommend regularly consuming up to 25 grams of chocolate a day, preferably dark.

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