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General mobilization: the Rada told how the new bill is being considered

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General mobilization: the National Security Committee of the Rada considered almost 90% of the amendments to the draft law on mobilization.

About This information was reported by Suspilne, URA-Inform reports.  

People's Deputy from the «Golos» faction Solomiya Bobrovskaya reported  that Friday, March 29, will be the last day of consideration of parliamentary amendments to the bill on mobilization by the Committee on National Security, Defense and Intelligence.

She noted that so far almost 90% of them have been considered in the document.

«We stopped at the beginning of 4,000 amendments out of 4,495. March 29 will be final day. This is encouraging, but this is not the end, because after this we will begin committee changes to this bill. Apparently it's still a week away. Then we will understand who will bring this bill to the floor and will defend every amendment», — Bobrovskaya explained.

According to her, when discussed in the hall, the bill may change its architecture.

«Because how it gets into the hall, how many deputies have the right to put these amendments to confirmation or rejection, and there will begin a wild story that could absolutely change the entire architecture of this bill that we are trying to draw out», — said the deputy.

At the same time, Bobrovskaya assured that the current legislative framework is sufficient to continue mobilization.

«I want to assure you that in fact today we are rushing around with this bill because it has horrified many people, and it is clear why. There are things that no one understands, but the existing legislative framework is sufficient to continue mobilization as it is happening today, according to the General Staff plan», — she summed up.

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