• 15/07/2024 11:32

Germany may begin to return Ukrainian men home: details

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In Germany they started talking about the return of Ukrainian men home to Ukraine.

Münchner Merku reported this information , reports URA-Inform.  

In particular, the chairman of the party «CSU» Markus Soeder, in an interview with Münchner Merku, said that Germany is ready for the return of Ukrainian men liable for military service if Kiev makes a corresponding request.

According to Soeder, if the CDU/CSU heads the government, then in the event of a request from Ukraine, Ukrainians of military age will be sent home from Germany.

At the same time, he noted that he is against Ukrainian refugees being automatically granted the right to receive social assistance. According to Markus Soeder, the party was immediately skeptical about this.

Münchner Merku writes that Ukrainian men of military age who fled to Germany during the war in Ukraine receive assistance as citizens, not as seekers shelters.

We recall that it was previously reported that the Ukrainian Legion is in Poland: journalists learned the details of its creation.

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