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Hamster Kombat – what is it and how to make money on it

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Hamster Kombat – what is it and how to make money on it. Hamster Kombat is a unique project that combines clicker mechanics with investment opportunities. The developers have created an exciting game where the main element is clicking on the image of a hamster, which brings the player digital currency.

URA-Inform reports about what Hamster Kombat is and how to make money on it, citing the official website of the platform.

What is Hamster Kombat

Hamster's mechanics are based on a simple but exciting idea — clicker. Players simply need to click on the hamster image to earn coins. The more clicks, the more coins they receive. This creates a dynamic gameplay, motivating participants to be active. But the bot's functionality is not limited to just the clicker.

Hamster offers users the opportunity to invest the coins they earn. Players can become a CEO and begin to develop their own exchange, which generates income. The option is also available to invest currency in various assets, such as shares and bonuses to improve the exchange. This adds a financial component to the project and makes it attractive to those interested in investing.

An important aspect of Hamster is the educational component. Players not only earn coins, but also learn the basics of investing and finance. This educational element makes the project especially attractive to newcomers to investing, helping them explore the financial world in a playful way.

Hamster Kombat game mechanics that bring profit

When users first launch the application, they receive a brief introduction to the bot's functionality. Let's take a closer look at each application tab:

1. Exchange: This is the main page of your exchange. Here you can click on the hamster, and also receive bonuses and boosters.

In the “Boost” section, players can receive daily bonuses in the form of free energy and rockets to increase income from clicks.

2. Mine: This is a page for improving your exchange. Here you can purchase various power-ups for hourly income. Using in-game currency, players purchase additions to the exchange, increasing its level. Each power-up brings a certain number of coins per hour. The more boosts, the more passive income.

3. Friends: Here you can invite friends to the bot. For each friend you get 5,000 coins, and for each friend with Telegram Premium – 25,000 coins. If you want to increase the number of invited users, you can buy subscribers in Telegram. Not only does this earn you 5,000 coins per user, but it also starts earning bonuses for your referrals' achievements in the game.

4. Earning: Receiving rewards for completing tasks. Here you can complete tasks from the list, for example, subscribe to a channel, and get additional coins for them.

Daily tasks are also presented here. For daily login to the application you receive a reward. On the first day – 500 coins, and on the tenth day – already 5 million coins.

5. Airdrop: This section will become active later. Here you can withdraw your tokens and exchange them for real funds when the Airdrop starts. As stated in this section, this will happen very soon.

In general, the Hamster bot offers a variety of ways to earn in-game currency, ranging from clicking on the hamster to completing tasks and inviting friends. This approach opens up new horizons for a regular tap-bot and demonstrates progress in its development, confirming its superiority over similar projects.

Thanks to the functionality of each tab, users can actively develop their exchange and increase their income. The upcoming release of the Airdrop opens up prospects for exchanging tokens for real money, which makes the project even more attractive for participants.

What are the advantages of Hamster over Notcoin

Hamster offers a number of advantages over the Notcoin app. Let's look at them in more detail:

Firstly, controlling a hamster in Hamster is much more convenient thanks to the gamepad. Users can click on the screen even with several fingers without fear of possible application crashes, which makes the gameplay more comfortable compared to Notcoin.

Secondly, the presence of an educational component in Hamster allows you not only to immerse yourself in the world of the cryptocurrency exchange , but also earn passive income at the same time. This functionality is unique to Hamster and is a significant difference from other bots, including Notcoin.

Thirdly, the daily income in Hamster significantly exceeds the profitability of Notcoin by several times. Thanks to passive income from the development of the exchange, the rate of accumulation in Hamster is much higher, which makes the gameplay more stimulating and attractive for users.

And finally, passive income from the Hamster exchange works continuously, without downtime, and does not require time to activate. After purchasing a new power-up, it immediately begins to generate income, without any delays or interruptions. This is significantly more convenient compared to Notcoin, which only generated income for users for 12 hours and required additional time to activate.

Hamster offers a number of significant advantages over its competitors, including convenient management, an educational aspect and higher daily income. These factors make Hamster an attractive choice for those who not only want to earn money, but also explore the world of cryptocurrencies.

Other alternatives for making money on the Internet

If you are interested in Notcoin, then you may also be interested in similar projects that offer various ways to make money on cryptocurrency. Among such platforms are Whitebit, Binance, OKX, Gate io, BingX and many others. They provide a wide range of tools for trading cryptocurrency, including staking and the use of decentralized financial protocols.

Moreover, recently clicker games have become popular among participants in cryptocurrency markets, offering the opportunity to earn money not only from trading. Platforms such as NEAR Wallet, Avacoin, TapSwap, WormFare, Harvest MOON, TOM Clicker, Click Arbuz and many more offer a variety of game mechanics including clicking, farming, trading and more, allowing users to earn cryptocurrency as they play.< /p>

Don’t forget that the long-awaited information about when Notcoin will be staking has recently appeared.

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