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How any amount of alcohol affects the body

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How any amount of alcohol affects the body: existing recommendations for drinking alcohol, although they consider it «safe&# 187; in moderate doses, have been questioned as a result of a new study.

This information was reported by the Newrise resource, reports URA-Inform.

The main problem

Publication in the journal Alcohol: Clinical & Experimental Research raises questions about the previously hypothesized health benefits of alcohol. The traditional concept has suggested that moderate alcohol consumption is associated with a lower risk of disease compared with abstinence or heavy drinking. This assumption supported public health recommendations that moderate consumption of alcohol, especially red wine, as a means of protecting against cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes. However, if you want to improve your health, you can also turn to the iHerb resource, which is recommended by Komarovsky himself.

New work of scientists

A recent study by Australian researchers used innovative statistical methods, including Medel randomization (MR), to more accurately estimate the health effects of alcohol. This method takes into account genetic data and minimizes the influence of socioeconomic factors that often bias the results of observational studies. The results of the MR study have significantly cast doubt on the benefits of moderate alcohol consumption, especially in relation to cardiovascular disease.


For type 2 diabetes, although the MR indicated some protection from alcohol, it was small, while the risks of problems associated with the disease were higher. When analyzing all-cause mortality among men, the MR did not find any protective effects of alcohol, which is contrary to traditional findings from observational studies.

Bottom Line

These findings highlight the need for reconsideration recommendations for alcohol consumption. Rachel Vizontay, one of the authors of the study, took into account information about how any amount of alcohol affects the body. She suggests reducing the recommended safe weekly intake from 10 drinks to just 2.5.

This could lead to more personalized clinical recommendations that take into account individual risk factors. The researchers also emphasize the importance of studying the mechanisms by which alcohol may have limited health effects, which may help develop safe non-alcoholic alternatives.

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