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How electronic subpoenas will work: the media warned what awaits people

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UNIAN reported this information, reports URA-Inform.

< p>Article 22 of the bill emphasizes that citizens are required to register the electronic account of a conscript, military service member or reservist as part of their duties for mobilization preparation and mobilization.

According to the innovation, within the first 60 days from the start of mobilization, those liable for military service must clarify their registration data through the Centers for the Provision of Administrative Services, an electronic account or the Territorial Recruitment Center.

The document also emphasizes that a summons can be sent through an electronic account, and the date of delivery will be considered the day when The territorial acquisition center received notification of its delivery. If a summons is sent after 17:00, it will be considered served on the next business day.

Citizens are required to notify the Territorial Acquisition Center of the reasons for the impossibility of appearing on the summons within three days.

Respectful The reasons are recognized as natural disasters, illnesses, actions of Russia or other circumstances that make it impossible to be personally present at the specified time and place, as well as the death of a close relative.

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