• 19/06/2024 07:21

How long can the confrontation with the Russian Federation drag on: Stoltenberg gave an alarming forecast

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This information was reported by Eurointegration, reports URA-Inform.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg called on the allies not to waste precious time and to increase their defense industry now. He noted that the Alliance is not looking for war with the Russian Federation, but NATO countries must prepare for a confrontation that could last for decades.

The Secretary General emphasized that if Russian dictator Vladimir Putin wins in Ukraine, the likelihood of an attack is very high.

«Deterrence only works if it inspires trust», Stoltenberg noted.

To deter Russian aggression, according to Stoltenberg, it is necessary to continue to support Ukraine and invest in NATO’s military potential, since Russia is already preparing its economy for a long war.

«This means a transition from slow production in peacetime to fast production, as is necessary during a conflict», the Secretary General noted.< /p>

We recall that it was previously reported how much ammunition Ukraine will have: the media gave a sad forecast.

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