• 20/07/2024 11:42

How long can the war last: the source warned what reserves the Russian Federation has

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Donpress reported this information, reports URA-Inform.

< p>It is noted that the efficiency of disabling thousands of old tanks sometimes reaches a level of 90 units per month. The total fleet of Russian tanks is 1,750 units, including both classic models such as the T-55 from the 1950s, as well as the modern T-80 and T-90.

In addition, another 4,000 tanks are in reserve Experts say this stockpile allows the Russian government to continue to replenish its tank forces from reserves for about three years, even if it means using older models that do not meet modern technical standards.

So experts come to the conclusion that the Russian Federation will be able to fight with the help of equipment for 3 years.

Recall that in Ukraine they are preparing restrictions on cards: a bank representative warned what awaits people.

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