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How much longer can the Russian Federation fight, and how will it all end: a military expert named the timing

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Petr Chernik, an expert on military issues, argues that Russia will have enough resources to fight a war for no more than two years.

Chernik reported this information in an interview with Channel 24, reports URA-Inform.

The TV presenter asked Chernik how long Russia can continue the war. The expert's answer was clear:

«No more than 2-3 years. We are halfway there»

He assessed the military potential of the Russian army

«We have destroyed more than 7 thousand tanks, up to 3 thousand more may be in warehouses, perhaps a little more. And another 7-8 thousand other armored vehicles. If you add it all up, the warehouses are about 50% empty. They can only produce one modification of new tanks — T-90, 20-25 units per month, can’t do it anymore. Everything else — repair. At the current pace of hostilities, they have a power reserve for 2-3 years, but no more.

Chernik emphasized that the only possible option for ending the war would be to preserve the Russian Federation within its current borders with nuclear weapons.

«The question of our war with them&# 8212; It's only a matter of time. It won't be any other way»

Recall that Britain announced the largest package of military assistance to Ukraine in history: what will it include.

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