• 17/04/2024 21:42

How much will it cost Ukraine to mobilize 500 thousand people: the Rada named a huge amount

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Roksolana Pidlasa reported this information, reports URA-Inform.  

The head of the budget committee, Roksolana Pidlasa, said that the mobilization of 400 to 500 thousand military personnel, as well as additional needs for the purchase and modernization of military equipment, will cost Ukraine approximately 700 billion hryvnia.

< p>According to her estimates, 322 billion hryvnias need to be allocated for training, payments and clothing for the mobilized alone, and about another 400 billion hryvnias — for the purchase and modernization of military equipment. This is 22.5% of all state budget expenditures or 41% of defense expenditures.

«Funds from international partners cannot be spent on the needs of the army. Therefore, we are talking only about internal resources», — said Pidlasa.

According to her, in order to find money, various options are being discussed — from the return of a progressive personal income tax rate (that is, an increase in income tax depending on the amount of income) and a luxury tax to additional withdrawal of resources from local budgets.

She added that increasing your own revenues by 40% in a few months is a difficult task, in connection with which «these conversations about where to get additional money into the budget are precisely a consequence of this need».

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