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How the name Wi-Fi actually stands for: the answer will surprise many

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 How the name Wi-Fi actually stands is one of the most important modern technologies, which is now widely used in all spheres of human life.

This information was reported by Mirror, URA-Inform reports.  

Wi-Fi is one of the most important modern technologies, which is now widely used in all spheres of human life. Computers, watches, phones, TVs, smart speakers, other digital devices: they all connect to the Internet via the Wi-Fi protocol.

But what does this name actually mean? Many people argue that Wi-Fi stands for Wireless Fidelity, just as Hi-Fi stands for “high fidelity.” («high accuracy»). However, as it turned out, this is not at all the case.

Phil Belanger, who is one of the founders of the Wireless Ethernet Compatibility Alliance, now better known as the Wi-Fi Alliance, spoke about the meaning of the word Wi -Fi.

He explained that «Wi-Fi» is just one of 10 names proposed by Interbrand, a leading global agency, brought in by the alliance to find the perfect name and develop a logo.

«We needed something more compelling than «IEEE 802.11b Direct Sequence». Interbrand created «Prozac», «Compaq», «Oneworld», «Imation», «Vivato» and many other brands that you’ve probably heard of,” he said.

Belanger stated that the name Wi-Fi is not actually an acronym; even more – the term doesn't mean anything at all.

«The only reason you hear anything about «Wireless Fidelity» is because in the 1990s some of my colleagues in the group did not understand branding or marketing. They couldn't imagine using the name «Wi-Fi» without any literal explanation. Therefore, we compromised and agreed to add the slogan «The Standard for Wireless Fidelity» to the name. (The Standard for Wireless Fidelity). This was a mistake that only confused people and diluted the brand,” Belanger explained.

The specialist added that he personally considers this slogan an awkward attempt to find two words that could fit Wi-Fi. And when Wi-Fi gained enormous popularity, the Wi-Fi Alliance abandoned the slogan.

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