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How to buy/sell Avacoin tokens

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AVACOIN is an exciting Telegram game that can bring money to every enterprising person. To mine “virtual gold” you just need to click on the special AVACOIN coin icon. The project managed to attract wide audience attention, but many want to clarify for themselves the question of how to buy/sell Avacoin tokens.

The official Avacoin resource reports this, reports URA-Inform.

Why is Avacoin becoming popular?

We previously reported on what Avacoin is and what its prospects are. You can find out more by following the link. In short, Avacoin is an interesting Telegram game that brings real income to people. The game has a bonus system for inviting friends and being active in guilds. Time spent in Avacoin is always encouraged by the authors of the project, and an important feature is clear conditions and rewards.

How to top up your Avacoin balance (to purchase Rafts or boosters)

Avacoin can be earned absolutely free, spending only a few minutes a day. However, many people want to use additional earning tools in the form of boosters and Rafts. To do this, you should figure out how to top up your balance in Avacoin or how to buy/sell Avacoin tokens.

1. Go to the Profile tab, and then click the Top up your USDT balance button.

2. Click Create new, which will allow you to create a wallet address for replenishment.

3. Copy the wallet address and send USDT to it using the BSC (BNB Smart Chain) network.

The funds will be credited to the USDT balance after the transaction receives confirmation.

How to withdraw money from Avacoin?

To withdraw earned money from Avacoin, you will need to accumulate 400 000 “gold dust”, which, by the way, is done quite easily. This is the amount of virtual points you can get for 65 US dollars. After this, the funds can be withdrawn to a wallet in the application.

Given the serious approach of the developers to the project, users can count on the fact that Avacoin is able to maintain the interest of such popular cryptocurrency platforms as Binance, OKH and Gate.io. In addition, the network is actively discussing a possible listing on BingX and WhiteBit, which indicates the prospects of Avacoin. Many experts believe that it is worth starting to earn “gold dust” now so as not to miss the opportunity to get rich on a promising project.

Step-by-step instructions for withdrawing money from Avacoin

1. Click on the Profile tab, then go to the very bottom, there you will see a field to fill out.

2. In the mentioned field you will need to enter the address of your USDT wallet on the BSC network (you should be careful when choosing a network. It must be BNB Smart Chain). Then you need to click on the Withdraw USDT button.

Done, your application will be reviewed and paid.

How much can you earn $65 in Avacoin?

The easiest way to buy Avacoin is with your own little effort. To clearly understand the profitability of the business, you should pay attention to the following simple calculations. The daily energy limit in Avacoin is 7500. Energy is updated every 24 hours. Practice shows that it takes approximately 9 minutes to collect 7,500 gold dust coins per day. Then simple mathematics indicates the following income:

To get 65 US dollars you need to collect 400 000 “gold dust”. 400 000/7,500 = 54 days. It is in this period of time that if you play 9 minutes a day, you can collect $65. Thus, in Avacoin you can earn $65 in a little more than 8 hours of play (54 days*9min/60min = 8.1 hours). In other words, even a basic option can become a simple and quite tangible source of additional income. However, do not forget about additional ways to quickly get “gold dust” in Avacoin.

How to earn more Avacoin?

You can increase your income in Avacoin by inviting friends. In addition, participation in leagues brings rewards. Another popular way is to purchase a virtual gold mining license. Don't forget that updates will be released in Avacoin, and boosts and new tasks will be an excellent opportunity to enrich yourself for the most active ones.

We should also mention bonuses from leagues. The miner's league is determined by how many points he managed to earn. A bonus is awarded for moving to each new league. There are six leagues in total:

  • — Beginner 7 500
  • — Junior prospector 25,000
  • — Prospector 60,000
  • — Upper prospector 100,000
  • — Senior prospector 200,000
  • — BEST Prospector 400 000

Having collected the above amount of points, the player moves to a new league and receives “gold dust” bonuses, which are described below:

  • Beginner 500
  • Junior prospector 750
  • Prospector 1,000
  • Upper prospector 1,500
  • Senior prospector 2,500
  • BEST Prospector 5 000

Similar games for making extra money on the Internet

Given the small amount of time that will be spent every day playing Avacoin, it is worth paying attention to other similar games. For example, you can try your hand at clicker projects such as Click Arbuz and Wormfare. TapSwap, which is actively developing and has its own audience, is not far behind them.

It is also worth mentioning the developing Harvest MOON project, where tokens can be mined in a passive format without any investments.

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