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How to cope with panic attacks: the Ministry of Health gave important advice

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The Ministry of Health noted that today Ukrainians are increasingly experiencing panic attacks amid constant stress. They can have various manifestations and take a person by surprise.

This information was reported by the press service of the Ministry of Health, URA-Inform reports.  

What is a panic attack

A sudden attack of intense fear or anxiety, usually for no apparent reason, accompanied by intense physical symptoms. It can overtake anyone, anywhere and at any time. A panic attack is almost impossible to anticipate or prepare for. The most acute phase lasts for one minute. The attacks themselves can last from a few seconds to half an hour.

Symptoms of a panic attack

Typically, a panic attack is diagnosed when a person experiences four or more of the following symptoms at the same time:

— rapid heartbeat;

— chest tightness or pain;

— weakness and dizziness;

— inability to take a deep breath, other breathing difficulties;

— excessive sweating;

— dry mouth;

— nausea;

— cramps in the stomach;

— trembling;

— excessive sensitivity to bright light;

— tears, inability to stop crying;

— numbness, inability to move;

— feeling of loss of control over your own body;

— sudden fear that you are about to die.

«Although panic attacks are frightening, especially for the first time, they do not threaten life and health. However, if they recur, this may be a sign of panic or other disorders, so you should consult a specialist for diagnosis», — noted by the Ministry of Health.

How to cope with panic attacks

One of the most influential researchers in psychology, Stephen Geise, developed Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. The main message of this therapy — do not avoid, deny, or fight your unpleasant emotions.

Instead — accept life's challenges and take responsibility for making the necessary changes in your behavior. Consequently, the scientist advises everyone who is faced with such an illness to accept the bodily sensations that arise during panic attacks, and to free their personality from catastrophic thoughts about the fear of future panic attacks.

«This approach consists in creating an open, friendly attitude and impartial interest in any emotions, including those associated with panic. And it forms the ability to consciously switch attention to actions based on values», — noted in the Ministry of Health.

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