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How to get rid of a hangover in seconds: this cheap spice will instantly relieve symptoms

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This information was reported by Radiotrek, reports URA-Inform.  

After a feast in the morning, many suffer from a hangover. However, there is an amazing ingredient that can cope with even the worst hangover, which is also found in almost every home.

And although a fatty breakfast or an ice-cold glass are considered by many to be excellent methods of combating a hangover, the British chef Chef Jamie Oliver assures: another cheap ingredient «works» no worse, but even better.

He admitted that an Indian guru taught him this treatment option.

“Everything you need do, — eat a teaspoon of cumin, which is easily available at the grocery store. Just take a teaspoon of cumin and swallow it. It will calm your stomach.” — he shared.

Oliver emphasized that this natural remedy really promotes digestion, which helps calm the stomach after a hard night.

Remember, we previously reported that this simple drink can improve your health intestines: just drink it every day.

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