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How to help the heart and blood vessels with ordinary foods: doctors told what to eat

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This information was reported by the “Doctor in the Pocket” telegram channel, URA-Inform reports.

Scientific research shows that drinking a glass of red grape juice a day can effectively protect against heart attacks, surpassing even aspirin in its effectiveness. This drink, obtained from fresh grapes, helps prevent the formation of blood clots in the coronary vessels that provide nutrition to the heart.

In addition, it reduces platelet activity by 75%, while aspirin achieves only 45% of this effectiveness.

It is recommended to consume foods rich in vitamin E three times a day to maintain heart and vascular health. These products include: vegetables, cottage cheese, fermented milk cottage cheese, legumes and vegetable oil.

According to research, eating four pieces of fish a week can reduce the risk of death from myocardial infarction by 44%.

Research also shows that eating five walnuts a day can extend your life by as much as seven years. Walnuts contain substances that protect the heart and blood vessels from the harmful effects of cholesterol.

Recall that beer can make a person live longer: a scientific study.

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