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How to make money on GATEio

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How to make money on GATEio: Gate.io is a platform for cryptocurrency trading, which first appeared during the era of growing interest in Bitcoin in 2013.

This information was reported by the official GATEio resource, URA-Inform reports.

A little background on GATEio

Despite the fact that information about its founders remains practically a secret, it is known that Lin Han from Beijing is at the origins of this trading service. Factual data about him remains in the shadows. Gate.io is officially headquartered in China, but the company is registered in the Cayman Islands.

Initially, the platform offered trading only in Bitcoin, but over time, other cryptocurrencies were added to it. Currently, almost all popular coins are represented on Gate.io, but the leadership is still held by four major currencies: BTC, ETH, USDT and CNYX, the prices of which determine the value of other tokens.

How to make money on GATEio

Purchasing tokens on Gate.io is very simple. By clicking on the «Buy cryptocurrency» button, the user goes to a menu with a choice of purchase method. There are only three of them.

Most users find it easy to learn trading on the Gate.io exchange, as the trading process is intuitive. To start trading, you just need to go to the «Markets» section, select the «Market» tab. and select the cryptocurrency you are interested in. After this, the user enters the terminal, where he sees:

  • currency pairs: a list of coins available for trading;
  • graphs: displaying changes in the price of the selected token in real time;
  • orders: current orders from other traders to buy or sell cryptocurrency;
  • trading block: here you can confirm an order or create your own.

By default, the trading block is opened for spot trading, but the user can switch to margin trading by selecting the «Isolated Margin» tab. To obtain leverage, you need to press the «Credit» and specify the amount.

Almost unlimited lending is available at Gate.io, which allows you to carry out margin trading even with large amounts. Thus, it becomes clear how to make money on GATEio.

Commission on GATEio

Commissions on Gate.io depend on the status of the trader. There are two levels: standard and VIP, the latter is divided into several sublevels. The higher the status, the lower the commission fees.

To obtain VIP status, two conditions must be met: a daily trading volume of at least 1.5 BTC and accumulate at least 20 Gate Tokens – the internal cryptocurrency of the exchange, used as points loyalty. This amount is debited for status upgrades.

Thus, Gate.io only provides VIP trading privileges to those who trade on a large scale. For users with low turnover, obtaining privileged status is not available.

Similar platforms to GATEio

In addition to GATE.io, there are a number of other platforms for trading cryptocurrency, such as Binance, OKX, Bingx, Whitebit. These exchanges also offer a variety of ways to make money from cryptocurrency, from trading to staking and defi protocols.

Games to make money

In addition, there are games -clickers, which also provide the opportunity to earn money on cryptocurrency. NEAR Wallet, Avacoin, TapSwap, WormFare, Harvest MOON, TOM Clicker, Click Arbuz and many others are becoming increasingly popular among users. These games allow you to earn cryptocurrency by performing various actions in the gaming environment, such as clicking, farming, trading, and even participating in decentralized financial projects.

In addition, information has appeared on how you can earn money on the OKX platform, which is also enriched many users.

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