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How to recognize heart failure: a cardiologist named the main symptoms

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This information was reported by Radiotrek, reports URA-Inform.  

Heart problems can be recognized long before they begin to critically affect a person’s general condition.

“Heart deficiency may be manifested by symptoms such as: shortness of breath or a feeling of lack of air during physical activity, swelling of the feet and legs, rapid heartbeat, feeling of weakness and fatigue,” — explains the cardiologist.

However, according to the specialist, weakness, swelling and shortness of breath are observed in many practically healthy people.  

“All these symptoms are nonspecific, that is, they are not signs of a single disease. But you should not ignore these symptoms, since only a doctor can correctly determine whether they are manifestations of heart failure or not,” — said the doctor.

According to the cardiologist, it is necessary to regularly measure blood pressure, monitor blood sugar and cholesterol levels, monitor weight and stop smoking.

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