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If you haven’t paid the fine for failure to appear at the TCC: can you be deprived of your housing and car?

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If you have not paid the fine for failure to appear at the TCC: after the introduction of the law on mobilization, public attention quickly turned to bill No. 10379.

This information was reported by Tsn, reports URA-Inform.  

In particular, it threatens a significant increase in fines for violations in this area, ranging from 153 thousand to 204 thousand hryvnia. A heated discussion is already flaring up on Ukrainian social networks about the question: can a citizen lose his home if he does not pay such fines.

Nikolay Maksimov, an experienced lawyer specializing in the field of mobilization, shared his opinion on this matter, shedding light on the possible legal consequences.

«Property can be seized even if the fine is less. Even 10 hryvnia of an underpaid fine or a separate small fine is enough to seize any property,” he explained.

At the same time, the lawyer clarified:

«If the amount of the fine is more than 160 thousand UAH, then this will be enough to foreclose on a citizen’s single property. For housing, for a vehicle. If necessary, if no compromise is reached during enforcement proceedings, such property may be put up for public auction.”

According to Nikolai Maksimov, for example, in the event of blocking of a bank debtor's card, it can only be blocked for withdrawal, and not for receipt of money.

«We must not forget that if, for example, the fine is in the amount of 170 thousand UAH, then there will also be an enforcement fee of 10%. This is another plus of 17 thousand UAH. And there will also be costs of enforcement proceedings,” says lawyer Maksimov.

According to his information, it is possible to challenge the amount of the fine:

«For example, the patrol police have experience in drawing up reports on administrative violations. TCC employees do not have such experience. I am sure that as soon as this huge wave of fines comes in, there will be a huge number of mistakes. I am sure that everyone will have a certain chance to cancel the fine.

In addition, the lawyer added that the funds in the seized accounts can be written off either all or part of them.

«If we are talking about a civilian, then they can arrest everything that is on the bank card. Will be collected to pay off the debt. Another situation is if a person systematically receives a salary. In this case, the performer cannot take everything, but about 20%. But if a person has, for example, 120 thousand UAH on his card, and he is fined 170 thousand UAH, then all available funds will be written off, and then every month the contractor will write off up to 20%. But if a person reports that he receives a salary,” Nikolai Maksimov clarified.

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