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In the Russian Federation they are “dispersing” a new fake about Zelensky: the Center for Public Promotion told the details

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The Center for Countering Disinformation warned that pro-Kremlin Telegram channels are spreading lies about Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky.

< p>This information was reported by the CPD, reports URA-Inform.  

The Center noted that in the Russian Federation they are «dispersing» a new fake about Zelensky, that he is allegedly not interested in peace negotiations with Russia, because he «moved on to implement the war plan to the last Ukrainian».

Such fake attempts of Russian propagandists were denied by the  Center countering disinformation. They emphasized that this is a typical Kremlin manipulation: the President of Ukraine is in favor of peace negotiations, but not on the terms of the aggressor country. In particular, President Zelensky proposed a “peace formula” supported by democratic governments.

Its points will be discussed at the summit in Switzerland, and, according to Zelensky, strong states will be able to “put the squeeze on Moscow politically,” as happened earlier with the grain initiative.

«If there are states at the table that really want peace and demand a just peace from Russia, then a document will be prepared with all our vision, and there will be a moment when how and who will talk about this with representatives of the enemy,” the Ukrainian president noted.

The Center for Political Action added that the thesis about “war until the last Ukrainian” ; – nonsense of Russian propaganda aimed at creating a feeling of hopelessness and anger against the leadership of Ukraine, which allegedly leads a «unpromising» war and «ignores negotiations».

Recall that it was previously reported that a secret agreement was published that could “end the war” in Ukraine: details.< br>

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