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In Ukraine, the number of school graduates has sharply decreased: the authorities presented an alarming forecast

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This information was reported by the Telegram channel “Country Politics”, reports “URA-Inform”.

At the very beginning, it was noted that approximately 360 thousand school graduates completed their studies in Ukraine this year. 15 years ago, in 2008, this number was 640 thousand. However, forecasts for the future are also disappointing.

“Taking into account only demographic data, without taking into account migration associated with military operations, we are observing a constant decrease in the number of citizens born on the territory of Ukraine 17 years ago. By 2033, about 300 thousand graduates are expected, and this figure takes into account the possible return of territories that are not yet under the control of Ukraine,” — noted Vinnitsky.

Also in Ukraine in 2008, there were approximately 350 universities, the average number of students in each of which was about 6,700. By 2021, the total number of educational institutions decreased to 300, and the number students dropped to 3,400. There are no exact data for 2023, but, according to an official, it can be assumed that they are even lower.

&#171 ;Given these facts, there will inevitably be a reduction or consolidation of higher education institutions, although this process will be extremely painful», — Vinnitsky emphasized.

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