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Is there life beyond Earth: scientists admitted what new conclusion scared them

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This information was reported by the resource Proceedings of the Royal Society A, reports URA-Inform.< /p>

The above assumption was put forward by British scientists who analyzed the possible mechanisms of «transport» organic substances to various planets with the participation of comets.

It is in the icy nuclei of comets that complex organic molecules, known as the “building blocks of life,” are contained. Scientists have developed several models of the flight trajectories of comets in the outer regions of planetary systems, taking into account the speed of their collisions with planets and their satellites.

Considering possible scenarios, scientists have found that the most favorable «comet transfer» may occur in planetary systems with densely packed planets similar to our Solar System.

Comets appear to slow down when passing through dense «peas» planets, which reduces the collision speed. This could facilitate the spread of life.

However, in red dwarf systems, the most common stars in the Galaxy, the conditions for this are much worse. In these systems, the distances between planets are much greater, and comets cannot slow down their flight, which leads to the destruction of organic matter during collisions.

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