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Israel delivered an ultimatum to the US on Gaza: it became known what worries Washington

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Israel's Minister of Strategic Affairs, Ron Dermer, said that his country is ready to launch an operation in the city of Rafah, despite a possible severance of relations with the United States.

This information was reported by The Times of Israel, reports “URA” -Inform.”

According to the above-mentioned press, American authorities are expressing alarm about a possible assault on Rafah using tanks and troops, since this could greatly affect the Palestinians sheltered in this city after being resettled from other areas of the Gaza Strip to during armed clashes.

However, Ron Dermer emphasized that Israel is ready to consider American proposals regarding Rafah, but the operation will be carried out regardless of the position of the United States and other allies.

& #171;We will take this step even if we have to go it alone. Even if the whole world, including the United States, opposes us, we will fight to the end», — he said.

According to Dermer, the presence of Hamas in Rafah poses serious threats to Israel, including possible attacks from the organization in the region.

«That is why we insist on eliminating the threat, even if this may lead to a severance of relations with the United States», — he explained.

The minister also noted that there is a significant number of Hamas militants in Rafah, which is an undoubted reason for the operation in this area.

Recall that the United States was called upon to send Ukrainians under 27 years old to the front: the media found out who was already in Kyiv.

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