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It became known that Vladimir Klitschko and Oksana Marchenko have a “child together” (photo)

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At one time it seemed that the famous boxer Vladimir Klitschko and presenter Oksana Marchenko had nothing in common except belonging to elite circles.

This information was reported by Sensatsiya, reports URA-Inform.

But as it turned out, Oksana and Vladimir Klitschko are united not only by belonging to the Ukrainian elite, but also by the sacrament of baptism. A daughter appeared in the lives of the stars, whom they became godparents at the Lavra. In 2017, the couple baptized the daughter of the scandalous Nestor Shufrich — Maria.

And it was he who asked the TV presenter and athlete to become her parents and mentors. The corresponding publication at one time appeared on Oksana Marchenko’s personal page on the social network Facebook.

She added several exclusive photographs and also described the event that took place on the above occasion. The ceremony was carried out with pomp. The godparents looked simply unsurpassed, and it was noticeable that both tried very hard.

However, at the moment it is unknown whether Marchenko communicates with Shufrich’s daughter, and also whether Klitschko maintains contact with his godmother and daughter.< /p>

Recall that it was previously reported that the Kvartal 95 studio was harshly criticized on the Internet: “You better go to war.”

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