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Kim Jong-un received a gift from Putin: the gift may violate a UN resolution

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The sister of the North Korean leader said that this gift «serves as clear evidence of a special friendly relationship, established between the leaders of the two countries.

This information was reported by the Voice of America, URA-Inform reports.  

Russian President Vladimir Putin gave North Korean leader Kim Jong-un a Russian-made car for personal use to demonstrate their special relationship.

It is noted that Kim Jong-un received the gift on February 18 his sister Kim Yo Jong, as well as Secretary of the Workers' Party of Korea Central Committee Park Chung Chon. According to Kim Yo Jong, this gift «serves as clear evidence of the special friendly relations established between the leaders of the two countries» and is the «best gift».

Although details about the model of the car and its delivery method are not disclosed, it is known that during his visit to the country in September last year, Kim Jong-un showed interest to Aurus.

However, analysts suggest that such actions may violate a UN resolution banning the supply of luxury goods to North Korea in order to pressure the country to give up nuclear weapons.

< p>We recall that it was previously reported that Ecuador will not send the promised military equipment to Ukraine: the reason was given.

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