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Love on the hacienda: what the heroine of the series “Slave Isaura” looks like now (photo)

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Brazilian actress Lucelia Santos earned wild popularity thanks to this role.

This information was reported by Radiotrek, reports URA-Inform.  

«Slave Isaura» — is a cult Brazilian television series that first aired in 1976. It was also one of the first soap operas on Soviet television.

The main role in the series was played by Lucelia Santos. It is noteworthy that the main character’s almost zero experience did not prevent her from masterfully performing her role and remaining in the memory of television viewers around the world for many years.

After the broadcast of the series ended, few people in Ukraine had heard of her. She became the star of the series at the age of 19, and now Lucelia is 66 years old. And although she doesn’t have any new roles now, Lucelia leads an active lifestyle: she goes to the mountains, loves beach holidays, practices Buddhism and yoga, and even ran for the local parliament.

In her personal life, she had two unsuccessful marriage. The actress is divorced and has a son, Pedro, who also became a Brazilian actor. Not long ago, Lucelia became a grandmother and had a granddaughter, Caroline.

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