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Made in Ukraine – the media learned how the Russian military was massively purchasing special communication systems

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Gilat SkyEdge satellite Internet communication systems, manufactured in Uzhgorod, are actively entering Russia, where they can be used against the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

This is reported by Investigative.Info, URA-Inform reports.

< p>Gilat Satellite Networks, an Israeli manufacturer of communication systems, delegates the production of Gilat SkyEdge to the Ukrainian plant of the American company Jabil Circuit. Since the beginning of the 2000s, Gilat Satellite Networks has been cooperating with Russian companies, helping them create satellite communication systems for private and government needs. It is a partner of the largest telecom operators in Russia, such as Rostelecom and Gazprom.

In addition, Gilat Satellite Networks develops military communications technologies and supplies its products to the structures of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs. Even during the period of a full-scale war between Russia and Ukraine, Gilat's business in Russia was not stopped, and products continue to be supplied through its subsidiary Gilat Satellite Networks LLC (Eurasia).

The publication notes that since the beginning of the conflict, reports regularly appear in the media about the transfer of Gilat SkyEdge to the Russian army for use on the front line. Supply volumes have increased significantly in recent years, according to customs declarations: in 2021 they were purchased for $982 thousand, in 2022 – for $840 thousand, and in 2023 the total amount increased to $5 million per year.

Gilat satellite communication systems are actively sold throughout Russia, and sales advertisements often indicate their suitability “for the needs of the northwestern military district.” Despite the fact that the goods are sent from Israel and Turkey, the country of origin is indicated in customs declarations – Ukraine.

However, the introduction of sanctions against the business of Gilat Satellite Networks seems difficult, since it requires clear evidence of the use of products by the armed forces during conflict with Ukraine, explained the head of the sanctions department of the Trap Aggressor project, Roman Steblovsky.

Recall that Stoltenberg made a loud statement about the possibility of deploying NATO troops in Ukraine.

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